Where Can I Download A Free Company Profile Template?


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This site has a free company profile template that is straight to the point and simple to follow:

A company profile is the attributes of a company.  The clue is in the name, it’s a profile of the company.  It doesn’t talk about the technical inner workings; it just details the most important parts.  Where is it based, where it stands financially and how many members of staff it employs.

There are numerous sites that offer expert advice on how to write a company profile, but the main consensus is to keep it brief.  Imagine the company profile in the form of someone’s Facebook page.  It has the main details: Name, age, location, work.  It doesn’t have all the unnecessary information like where they grew up and what their dog is called.  Nobody would read it anyway.  People read the main information and they like it to be as brief as possible without flirting around the subject. has a great deal of information about company profile templates, so feel free to see what they have to say.

Make sure your research is up to date when you create your company profile.  You will need to briefly talk about your competitors and how you compare to them.  What is your business’ USP (Unique Selling Point)?  Talk about it.  Who is your target audience?  Hal Sokolow once said "You can never know too much about your customer” and he was right.  There is no such thing as too much market research.

Try to use jargonised buzz words like ‘demographic’ and ‘contingency’, ‘evoked set’ and ‘revenue and turnover’ where possible, but don’t just wedge them in.  It may sound silly, but they give your business a much more believable professional outlook.

In short, in the last few sections, sell your business to people by talking about why it’s so great.
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A review of several search engines on the Internet failed to yield a website where a free company profile template is available for download.  However you can find a free company profile template on the web by clicking here:  It is a good example of a company profile template and can be copied and used in a user’s independent application.  
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I know another website where you can lots of company profile templates. Just check out this link
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Why don't you check out the profiles on as a guideline? There you will find a variety of company profiles, both brief and in depth, and you can decide what might fit best for you/your organization? Best wishes for success!

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