What Should Be An Organizational Set Up For An Audit Office?


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An auditor is required to have a sound organizational set up in his office. This organizational chart has been developed on the assumption that the auditor specializes in the audit work only. However the organizational set up will be different if the auditor were to deal in tax, management consultancy and cost consultancy also.

If the magnitude of work is big the audit department will be divided into several sections. Each section will be under the charge of a qualified assistant. An audit manger is required to be there who will distribute the audit work amongst the staff in liaison with the qualified assistants generally called principals. Besides this he should maintain a record of the following:

• Allocation of jobs amongst the senior In charge of the jobs.
• Daily posting of audit staff of various jobs.
• Audit work to be done classified as monthly audit, inspection is to be conducted.
• Audit jobs to be started in progress and completed.

In order to ensure that the above record is maintained efficiently, audit completion register and audit work register should be maintained. The audit manager should also maintain an up-to-date list of the clients. It is generally advisable to review it periodically, specially marking new audit jobs undertaken.

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