Where Is The Unemployment In Cobb County, Georgia?


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The unemployment office in Georgia is located on Stuart Street. The full address is:
96 Stuart Road
Ft. Oglethorpe, GA 30742-3900
You can contact the office via telephone on these numbers:
The office manager at the moment is Ms. Gail Summers so all inquiries can be directed towards her.

  • Why would I go to the unemployment office?
If you are currently unemployed you can claim benefits to help with your living expenses until you find a job. The unemployment office also has many resources and employment specialists who can help you find a job, hone your skills and help you decide which career path you would like to pursue.

  • How much can I claim?
Each state within the US has different laws regarding how much unemployment benefit insurance you can claim. It is best to go into the office and tell them about your situation because factors such as children or other dependents or how long you have been out of work will make a difference.

  • How do I know if I can claim?
You must be unemployed and the reason you are unemployed must not be your fault. If you are made redundant for example, this is a perfectly reasonable excuse to be unemployed but if you were sacked for not turning up for work, you will not be eligible for unemployment benefits. You must be willing to work and actively seeking a job and must not refuse any job you are suitable for. You must not receive any money from any employer or be self-employed and you must not be in school. There may be other benefits you can claim if you are still in school and it is best to speak to an expert regarding this matter. You cannot claim from more than one state.
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Where is the location of the unemployment Office in cobb county? Near Smyrna Georgia,30080 I need the Address as well..
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465 Big Shanty Rd Edit
Marietta, GA 30066
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Here's the phone number: Cobb-Cherokee (770) 528-6100. They don't have an address listed on their website; however, if you call, I'm sure you'll be directed to the closest office. You can also file a claim on line here:
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Where is the closest unemployment office to Acworth Ga 30101

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