Is Money Solution To Every Problem?


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Today is the age of materialism and selfishness. Everybody is trying hard day and night to get financial and materialistic gains and benefits and even sometimes forgets the basic ethics of human life. Your question that is money solution to every problem can be explained in the following manner.

Though no doubt we are going through the age of materialism and selfishness and people are blindly running to achieve all these gains and benefits yet we can simply say the money, which they get out of all this hard work and struggle is not a solution to every problem.

We can gain many comforts and things from money but there are many other things, which we can't get from money for example respect, health, fame, and especially inner satisfaction. Inner satisfaction one can get only through good and kind deeds, health and respect one can get through the blessings of God Almighty. In short we can say though money is important for leading a good and comfortable life yet it is not a solution to every problem.

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