Can You Give Important Aspects Of Statutory Reports?


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Statutory report:
The report which is send by the board of directors to all the members of the company is known as statutory report. This report is to be distributed at least 21 days before the date decided for the statutory meeting to all the members for consideration and discussion. The statutory report shall be certified by not less than three directors, one of whom shall be the chief executive of the company. The statutory report must contain the following information:
1. The summary of the state of the company's affairs since its incorporation and its business plan.
2. The total number of shares allotted and their consideration for allotment.
3. The total amount of cash received in respect of the allotted shares.
4. An abstract of the receipts and payments of the company made up to the date within 7 days of the date of the report.
5. It includes the names, address, and occupation of the directors and other officers of the company.
6. The particulars of any contract and their modifications if any.
7. The limit to which underwritings contracts, if any, have been carried out.
8. The facts of any commission or brokerage paid or to be paid on shares to any directors, chief executive, secretary or officer of the company.

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