Are There Any Service Businesses That Won't Be Affected By Knowledge Outsourcing?


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This is a difficult question to provide a straightforward answer to as it largely depends on the needs of the particular business and type of company it is. There may be benefits and disadvantages to employ knowledge outsourcing, so it is very much a business by business issue that must be assessed on an individual basis. After all, no two businesses are the same, and no two businesses will have the same needs or have the same management structure in place.
If a company does not have a lot of information to be stored, it may be a better option to build up its own personal storage facilities. So this may apply to a small, family run business that does not employ any more than four staff for example. In this case, it would not be beneficial to outsource the knowledge as the company will have to pay for the storage. In this respect, a company must always consider whether it would be more cost-efficient to keep it on-site than have information outsourced.
Having knowledge stores outsourced may save a company money in the long-run, however, if they are not expected to have a lot of data stored, this would not be money well spent. The added costs to a company may also include payments for temperature control facilities and safety installations.
Companies that want to retain the upper-hand when it comes to storing their own serves and data will give them added convenience and will help cut down on costs, so this could also apply to a number of businesses.
There are a lot of advantages for having information outsourced such as having experienced staff in the field at the other end of the phone if something goes wrong. Some companies may never be ready for this and may simply choose to keep things as they are; so this is not a black and white answer.
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I agree with Sarah and her points.

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