What Is Job Analysis And What Are The Job Analysis Methods?


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Job analysis involve the process of determining the requirements of a job. There are various methods which are commonly used for job analysis. The first and the most common method is Observation. In this technique the tasks and duties of the employees are determined. Secondly, individual interview method is used in which an employee is interviewed to list his tasks or duties. Thirdly, group interview method is also popular in which a group of employees discuss and tell their main tasks and roles. Fourthly, diary method in which notes are taken for the regular activities of the employees. Moreover, employee supervisor method is also used as a job analysis technique in which the direct supervisor of the employee is interviewed to highlight the important duties and tasks of employees. In addition to the above methods, questionnaires, surveys and discussion sessions are also arranged as job analysis methods.

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Job analysis is a systematic study of the activities within a job. It is a technical procedure used to define the duties, tasks and answerabilities of a job. In other words examine information about jobs currently being done and the knowledge, skills and abilities that employees need to perform the job adequately.

Methods of Job analysis:
The methods that managers can use to determine knowledge, skills and abilities for successful performance are as follows

• Observation: a job analyst watches employees directly or reviews films of workers on the job.
• Individual Interview Method: in this method meeting with an employee is done to determine what his or her job requires.
• Group Interview: this method is similar to individual interview method except that a number of employees are interviewed at the same time.
• Structured Questionnaire: in this method employees are sent a specifically planned questionnaire on which they rate tasks they perform on their job.
• Technical Conference: this method utilizes supervisors with wide knowledge of the job.
• Diary: this method requires the employees to document their daily tasks and activities.

No one method is universally superior. Even obtaining job information from the employees can create a problem. The best results can be achieved by combination of these methods.
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