How Do You Do Dimensional Analysis?


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To understand the dimensional analysis, first we must understand about the dimensions. There are three types of dimensions. First is one dimensional or single dimensional object. The single dimensional objects like a line or a dot are represented by on dimension only. The only parameter defining them is the length. Two dimensional objects are those objects whose description requires two dimensions. Usually an object with certain height and length is considered as a two dimensional object. The last and final type of the dimension defined is three dimensional objects.

A three dimensional objects usually have length, width and height as the parameters defining the object. It is easy to deal with one dimensional and two dimensional objects but when it comes to the dealing of three dimensional objects, job is a bit difficult. There are co-ordinates in a system defined to analyze the dimensional object. For the three dimensional object analysis we have spherical co-ordinate system, polar co-ordinate system and rectangular co-ordinate system. Each of the system has its own methods for the analysis of the objects. So for the dimensional analysis, you must first define the type of dimensional analysis you are looking to do and what type of co-ordinate system you are using for the analysis.

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