How To Fill Up A Cheque?


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Here are instructions for how to fill out a cheque.
1.       Always use indelible ink when filling out any cheque. Pencil or erasable ink can be removed and then altered by a lot of unscrupulous individuals. This will more than likely result in your money, that you certainly had no intention of being transferred to that person, being deducted out of your own checking account.
2.       Fill in the date. The payee that is written on the cheque will not be able to cash this cheque before this date. The day, the month, and the year must all be accurate. This is very important.
3.       Fill in the name of the payee. Write the payee’s name legibly on the "Pay to the order of” line. The payee will be the person, the business or the organisation that you wish to pay.
4.       Fill in your numerical amount that you need to pay out in the box of the cheque. Whatever currency you use, fill it out in dollars and then cents or pounds and then pence, even if the value of the cents or pence is zero.
5.       Write out in full the equivalent dollar or pounds amount along the line that is below the payee. This must perfectly match the same numerical amount that is written inside the box. Write in the cents as fractions over 100, even if it is a zero. For example, $120.15 must be written as ‘One hundred twenty dollars and 15/100.’
6.       Sign the cheque in the same version as your name that is printed on the face.
7.       You can also fill in your own account number inside the cheque’s memo field if paying any bill. This is a helpful reminder of what you are paying when reconciling a statement.
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What should I write in the Pay.... Line?  When I want to draw the cheque myself.
Can I write the  "Self" ?!
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YES.Self cheques are the cheques you will use to withdraw money from your own account by filling the payee section as “self”. Hence, the name self cheque.

What makes a Self Cheque?
Any normal cheque can be used as self cheques. You just need to write “Self” in payee section to convert a normal cheque to self cheque. You’ll also need to sign at back of cheque with name for making it a valid self cheque. This is to ensure that the actual owner of the cheque is using it.

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