What Is MFT And What's Its Structure?


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NTFS file scheme is an illustrious achievement of structuring: every system part is a file even system in order. The most significant file on NTFS is named MFT or Master File Table the ordinary table of files. It is located in MFT region and is the centralized index of all remaining disk records and itself. MFT is alienated into records of the permanent size (usually 1 Kbytes), and each proof corresponds to a number of file.

The first 16 files are organization and they are out-of-the-way to the operating system. They are named metafiles and the very primary metafile is MTF itself. These first 16 basics MFT are the only fraction of the disk having the permanent position.

It is attractive that the second copy of the first 3 report, for dependability (they are very important) is stored accurately in the middle of the disk. The residual MFT-file can be stored as well as any other file at some places of the disk. It is probable to re-establish its place with its own help using the foundation - the first MFT constituent.

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