What Is Debit Voucher?


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A debit voucher plays a similar role to a check in that it is a substitute to cash. The debit voucher will have a particular cash value and they are used to transfer money from one bank account to another.

One person will fill out an amount that the debit voucher will be worth to the person who is receiving it. The voucher is then passed on to this person and they then pay it into their bank and receive the total some on the voucher in their bank account.

However, in the modern age a lot of people prefer to use online banking functions instead of checks or debit vouchers. There are several reasons for this and these include how online banker is quicker, more convenient, eco friendly and more secure.

  • Where can you bank on the Internet?

Online banking transfers can be done from anywhere where there is the Internet and an Internet capable device (eg. Computer, laptop, smartphone) With a few clicks of a button the transfer can be done.

Not only this, but it saves a considerable amount of paper wastage. Once the checks and vouchers have been cashed they will most likely just be disposed of. With online banking, there is no paper involved.

  • There are security benefits

Online banking is also deemed to be much more secure than a check. In the past, people have been able to forge signatures and change amounts on the checks to their own advantage. With online banking, users must submit a series of passwords as well as using a special card reader that means their finances are on lockdown.

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