What Does A Sample Payment Voucher Look Like?


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There is no template for a payment voucher but there are certain details that should always be included such as amount, date, paid by and paid to. Having this sort of information is essential, otherwise the voucher has little value and can easily be misinterpreted. A signature or stamp would also help

To ensure that a voucher is authentic it must have some sort of unique identity and be readily acceptable to the vendor. As long as a voucher is acceptable between both parties it doesn't require any further validation but making it as professional as possible obviously helps.

Stating the amount of the voucher and who it is payable to should be very clear on the voucher. Having a company logo or artwork also assists in its authenticity. Having a use-by date also gives the voucher a professional look. Producing it on distinctive good-quality paper is another aspect that increases security and lessens the opportunities of duplicating or counterfeit.

Provided your document is recognizable and acceptable it can come in various forms. Some companies might create vouchers in a format similar to their logo or product to increase its effect or to use it as an effective marketing tool. These sort of vouchers can be very effective and again don't follow any particular format or template other than being recognizable and accepted.

By creating a clear and concise voucher you will reduce the security risks. Leaving gaps and spaces in the voucher can allow it to be tampered with. By checking out how other companies produce vouchers you'll pick up ideas on layout and clarity although each voucher has its own unique features.
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Must have the following;
1. Date
2. Payee name
3.column for details
4.column for budget
5.column for amount
6. Signature space
7. Receiver,s signature
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Sample of a payment voucher
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Bus transport

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