Are There Other Loan Companies Like Cash Call?


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Cash call is a company that offers personal loans, payday loans, business loans etc, 

There are many other companies that offer the same or a similar service. I have made a list of some of the best:

  • Check City-  Is a payday loan company that offers a quick and easy loan service. They also offer other services such as gold buying and instalment loans. You can also easily apply online.
  • Advance America- This is a simple loan company where you can apply for a loan online or find a service centre that is near you.
  • Speedy Cash- You can apply for a loan in store, online or by phone and is open 24/7! So you won't have to worry about following usual banking hours.
  • Lending Club- This company offers personal loans up to $35000, and there is the option of paying your loan back in fixed monthly payments rather than all at once.

This list only brushes the surface of the amount of loan companies out there. In order to find the best one for you, you should try using comparative websites where you can search for the best deals, and get the cheapest quote. Hope this helps!

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Max Shapter answered

There are alternative choices before you turn to companies that charge outrageous rates.  Business loans are available through banks across the nation, the hard part is finding them.  There are many brokers - you just need a personal recommendation. 

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