What Are The Demotivating Factors In An Organisation?


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          The main demotivating factors in work are as follows:

1.Inadequate salary:  The workers estimate the value of their work by the salary they receive.  A poor salary has a negative effect on their work.  A salary is satisfactory when the worker gets what he expects, what others doing the same sort of work are getting, and what is generally regarded as being fair.

2.Bad working conditions:  If the working conditions are not satisfactory, the workers are discouraged and lose their enthusiasm in work.

3.Inefficient administration:  Workers like to work for an efficient and fair administration.  An efficient administration discourages the workers during their routine duties, in one way or another.

4.Incompetent supervision:  The workers expect their supervision to be technically competent.  If they fail to help at difficult times, they lose the respect of their sub ordinates.

5.Poor interpersonal relations with management:  The supervisors should treat their subordinates fairly and try to have good personal relations with them.  Supervisors who have favourites or who are dishonest in reporting on the work of the staff are disliked. The work suffers greatly as a result.

6.Personal qualities of the leader:  A leader has two forms of authority:  (I) that of his position, (ii) that of his person.

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