What are the benefits of effective communication in an organisation?


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There are plenty of benefits of effective communication in an organisation.  Having done a bit of research on the topic, I've highlighted some of the most significant benefits below:

  1. Motivation - If employees feel like an integral part of the business, it's easier to motivate them to meet targets.
  2. Relationships - Good communication improves relationships with clients, and can reduce the amount of things that go wrong within transactions.
  3. Sales - Better communication with customers makes the feel valued, and leads to a rise in sales. 
  4. Decision making - If everyone is one the same page, it's easier to make important decisions within the organisation.
  5. Goals - If employees and management communicate well, it's easier to ensure that everyone is striving for the same goal.
  6. Expansion - Good communication allows the organisation to reach new areas of the market.  For example, being able to communicate with foreign markets is a huge bonus.

There are endless reasons to strive for effective communication within an organisation.  When we consider the list above; poor communication actually leads to the opposite.  Sales and motivation will plummet, and will continue to do so until better communication is established.

Here's a useful video looking at business communication skills, which you might find useful:

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