What Do You Do When A Check Bounces?


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The sensitive world of banking has probably been around ever since man first set aside a token of exchange to help out in a time of crisis. At the advent, the services offered were countable and mostly, just 'savings'. However, today the banking industry has come a long way and customers are now accessing a number of specially designed services and products that are exclusively adopted by the dedicated sector. One such facility is that of the check and this particular facility helps you to make and receive payments, without being physically present at the bank to access your account.

The bouncing of a check is a legal offence if not sorted out in good time. There has to be total transparency between the two parties, to deal with the unavailability of the funds. When a check bounces, if you are the issuer, you need to communicate with your bank and the party concerned, specifying the reason and method of repair. In case you are the receiver of such a check, even then you need to first communicate, then represent the check and at all times keep the bank officials well informed. In case you feel that you have been victimized by a fraudulent attempt, you can alert the law and take the matter to court.
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If a cheque gets bounced from the bank, this means that the person who gave you the cheque doesn`t have money in the bank account or the money has not reached the bank account. You have two options, either contact the person who gave you the cheque and tell him that the cheque has bounced, so pay the money in cash. If he disagrees to pay you the money, get the cheque dishonoured by the bank manager; ask him to sign the cheque.
The bank will ask you, would you like us to take ant legal action against that person, the bank will take action and the person will have to pay a fine to the bank. If you ask the bank to take severe action, then they will call the police and the police can arrest the man and put him in jail for a few months and he will have to pay some fine.
If the amount is not a big amount then ask the person to pay you in cash or tell him what consequences he will have to face. Try to get the things sorted out amongst yourselves, if you see that the person is not cooperating, then go for the legal action.
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Hello...i had recieved a cheque of 500 pounds bt it was nt credited in my account....can i sue him though the amount is nt so big and the party who issued the cheque is nt co-operating???

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