What Do You Write On A Check Memo?


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It is simple for a person to fill out the memo section on a check. Whatever you do put in there, it should refer to either the amount of money you are paying or something that alerts the receiver. For example, in most situations people simply write on the memo check 'paid in full'. This therefore identifies that no more payments will be required for this particular recipient.

  • Coming to a settlement agreement
In some cases when people are paying off their debt different installments at a time, a 'paid in full' note on the memo check is not appropriate. In addition, it is known that some people in debt use this memo even when the full amount has not been paid. In order for this to be legitimate, the debtor and creditor must come to a settlement agreement.

  • How to finalize a settlement agreement
The first thing you need to do is contact the creditor to send over the relevant paperwork such as bills and statements for whatever the loan or contract is for. After that, it is important to request a settlement that you can agree on with the creditor. Keep in mind that this may take a while, but it is important that you go through every step in full detail.

Once a settlement has been agreed you should ensure that you receive all the relevant paperwork detailing the agreements of the settlement in order to store them in your records as proof, if you ever need to access them again. The settlement should also identify that the creditor will allow a check with the memo 'paid in full'.

You should then proceed to write the check with the amount decided on within the settlement and write 'paid in full' on the memo portion of the check.
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Generally, a check memo can be used for 2 different things:    1.  To give a quick note to the payee of what the check is for, (i.e. "Bake Sale" or "Account 1234")  2.  To give you, the payer a note of reference for what a specific check is for when it comes back in your statements/online.
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That is funny my mollie!!!!! When my husbands mother would give the kids money for a certain item, she would write pot there, and since she ran a restaurant, there were never any questions about it.
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Yes, funny, but I've actually written funny things in the memo, when writing checks to family and friends.  When my niece needed money to get her cat neutered, I sent her a check, and wrote "for Ollie's snip, and away they go!!!  She said she was thankful for the money, but she felt embarrassed when she cashed it!  A friend, when we would go shopping, would say whenever I wrote a check, "Why are you signing it with THAT name.  I must say, I got some pretty weird looks. 
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Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. I sent my husband to the bank to cash a check and put in the memo "For a vasectomy." He didn't even need one. Peace
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My ex husband owed me money and his sister wrote a check for him, she wrote ~services rendered~  in the memo. Lol.  when they asked me about that at the bank... The same one he banked at... I said he serviced my great dane that was in heat... I thought the teller was going to die....LOL
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Funny yes, but with my luck I'd get arrested!  Seriously, if put anything at all, it would be like 'groceries' or 'prescription' etc.

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