How Are The Graphs Important In The Presentations?


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Besides using word charts, use of graph to show ideas visually is a good idea. Graphs are true visuals aids because they are actually visual using design elements rather than just words. The audience memory curve illustrated in the previous chapter is an example f a graph. It demonstrates visually how your audience remembers more at the beginning and at the end of presentations.

How do you decide if a graph is necessary? Use graphs as illustrations: maps, assembly lines, pictures or diagrams. If you are illustrating quantitative information here are six main uses of various kinds of graphs first is to show parts of one item, use a pie chart, to show rank or contrast use a bar chart, to show variation over time, use a column or line charts, to show parts of more than one item, use a divided bar or columns, to show sequence use a flow chart, to show correlation between items, use a scatter or paired bar chart. That list sound somewhat confusing. Effective visual aids also include both a message title and supporting details. Consider this ineffective chart and it includes only specific detail and draws on main message. Effective visuals aids on the other hand include both the main message title and the details.

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