How Would You Answer 'Tell Me About Your Work Experience And What You Accomplished?'


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Well about my work experience I want to say very much. But first I would say that my first work experience was fantastic and I loved my job. I started my working experience in Telenor Sales and Service Center as a Customer Relation Officer. My job timings used to start from 3 p.m. and ended at 9 p.m. in the evening. I used to work in second shift because I am a bachelor student (B.B.A) and I take classes in the morning. So after my classes I directly used to come to sales and service centre for my job.
The experience of working as a customer relation officer was a real life experience, because I used to meet different people of different nature and handling them was a life time experience. My main job was customer satisfaction and services; I used to entertain cellular and general complaints of customer, managing stress environment and showing complete positive attitude and performance. During all the period of my job I learned how to manage the customers in efficient way and also how different people are handled.
All the staff members and seniors were really co operative and maintained a friendly environment. My manager was really helpful and I'll be thankful to him all my life that he gave me a life time opportunity to work with him and had trust on me. The experience and support really evoked the professional side in me and I think that this experience of my life would always be helpful in my life.
I would say that I really learned a lot from my job experience and I loved the duration of my job. My job ended because the policy changed for the part time workers and I was offered full time job, but I couldn't manage it because of my classes. I am free nowadays and I am trying to find some other part time job which couldn't affect my class timings.
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Well my first ever job was in my uncle's firm and that was also my first work experience.

When we are in classes teachers tells us that practical life is way different from books so better get some experience by doing part time jobs.

Yes normally they are right, cause practical experience helps you a lot to select a path and decide on that before you fully enter practical market.

My first experience was good one. I started off as internee and slowly learnt so much that now am doing marketing for that firm plus doing my masters.

Initially when I started I started off as an assisting chief accountant and making daily entries.

It was boring in the beginning but I was very interested in learning more and more.

Then my supervisor had an assignment of internal audit and I wanted to assist in that too.

That audit was to be conducted outside city so for me it was a tour as well as work experience.

I did so well there that I caught lots of clerical mistakes which were not corresponding with the market figures.

Initially I thought there was something fishy but later I found those were clerical mistakes of double printing of same serial numbers.

My interest and finding of a very important flaw gave me very good reputation as new internee as well as member in the organization.

It was a mix of fun and work and I really got good taste of practical life and good start.

Though I am still doing good in the same organization but I cherish that time when I was new and there were son many small things to learn.

Even now learning is in progress cause that can never stop.But I really enjoyed my start.

Hope you find my first ever work experience exciting.

Thanks for listening bye.
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I have 2 parts of my work experience. I chose digital art field and did university degree in Australia. When I back to my country, Nepal, there was not much field in digital design field so I used to give media design lecture in high school with in my country. At that time I found teaching field very boring because it used to limit my creativity. Same routine and course day to day made me frustrated. After then, I decided t quite teaching and started to free lancing work in Internet. I am very happy with this work because it gives me much free time and I am king of my routine. Currently, I am hired by Australian media company and my client is also happy with my creative designs.
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Mine was boring and I had to clean mirrors and do the hoover and that's about it. =P

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