What Does The United States Import?


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Cars, computers, food, housewares, and clothes. One of the hugest imports is oil.
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  United States of America is the most powerful economy in today's world. It is most advanced and the per capita GDP is $43,500. Again, it is market oriented economy with private business bodies calling the shots in decision making. The federal and state governments are obliged to support them. Although the oil prices kept rising up in the last two years, which was quite scary, the US economy showed sound growth. Oil is one of the very huge imports of US amounting to almost two-thirds of the entire domestic requirement of the US.

  A huge chunk of money is required for imports in this economic structure. In the year 2006, the estimated imports were around $1.869 trillion.The electricity imports amount to 34.21 billion kWh, oil imports amount to 13.15 million bbl/day, and Natural gas imports amount to 120.6 billion cu m per year 2004 estimates.

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