What Does Import And Export Mean?


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Imports and Exports are two opposite methods of international trading. An Import is described in trade as being ‘a service or goods brought into a country from abroad for sale or trade’. An Export is described as being ‘a service or goods produced in one country that are sent to another for sale or trade’. In essence, one county's import is always another country's export. An example of an export is Japanese cars that are sent from Japan (exported) to other countries around the world so that they can be sold internationally. An example of an import is bananas. Most countries throughout the world do not have the climate to grow this fruit as it requires a lot of heat and light to grow. Although many countries throughout the world have bananas in their supermarkets, these will usually have been imported from another country where the climate is right for them to grow. In a perfect model, for a country to maintain economic growth, they need to be exporting goods to the same value (or higher) than they are importing. In the same way that a shop should sell its produce at a higher value than it spends purchasing stock, or it will not make any money. In times of economic downturn, such as in the past few years, a much higher emphasis has been put on making the most of what a country exports as this means that the country will be making money internationally and not just using the money that is already in the country. Another recent example of attitudes to imports and exports is that fact that green groups would like to see fewer imported goods in our supermarkets as this saves on fuel of the transportation of goods and means that the goods (especially fresh ones) will spend less time in transit and will therefore last longer in your pantry.
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Import is when we bring some good or service in our country from any foreign country.

Export is when we deliver some good or service from our country to another country.

Export earns revenue to our country where as Imports are expenses.

Both of these terms are usually used in reference to trade.
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The word import means a good sent into our country from another country.export means sent out of our country to another country.
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The term export is commonly used in Trade and it includes the goods which are sent to the foreign consumers by the domestic consumers. The export products are sent to the foreign countries for sale. Commercial authorizes are involved in an export transactions. The exporters have to pay custom, taxes etc to send their products in a foreign country. The export goods are different from the online goods transactions by Amazon and E-bay because they do not have to pay customs and taxes on goods. Export goods are usually huge amount of products and they are exported by the country which has high efficiency in making those goods. Export plays an important role to enhance the economic growth of a state because it brings foreign currency in the home country.
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The word 'export' can be used both as a noun and as verb and it conveys the meaning of selling or sending goods to another country. The word can be used for intangible things also and when you are introducing an idea or an activity to another country you can use the word 'export' over there. The following sentence can make you understand the concept better: The spirituality from India has been exported around the world.

With the opening of almost all the economies the world over the relevance of the word 'export' has increased manifold and you will find its use in several financial news based television programs and news papers. And its use in the following sentence can make the concept clear: India is one of the highest exporters of tea in the world.

The word has some derivatives also to its credit and some of them are as follows: exportation and exporter.
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The word import means when something is sent from someone or somewhere.  Export means something is being sent out
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I am in India. If I buy fruits from US, it is import for me. If I sell fruits to US, it is export for me.
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Import ... To ship items in ... Profits other country ... Ex. England ships finished products to the colonies

export ... To ship items out ... Profits country ... Ex. Colonies ship raw materials to England so they can make finished products

I no you didn't ask for me to define export but if you didn't no what import means then you sure as hell didn't no what export means

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