Significance Of On The Job Training To The Students?


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So you will be comfortable being professional and it will be as second nature to you instead of potential example that business may assume you to be otherwise as: Hesitant states, too casual in a professional environment, an offense to the people running the company you're at for the lack of preparing you appropriately in their way of doing things. Two birds of a feather flock together. Business people like to see people doing things the same way within a certain realm of that environment. This may also be a good example for you. People on average hang around with people of the same / close likeness, as the two birds of a feather phrase... What I'm sayin' is: Someone who make 1 million dollars a year ON AVERAGE hangs out with other people that make ON AVERAGE 1 million a year as well. Someone who makes $30,000 dollars a year ON AVERAGE does not hang around with someone who make $100,000 dollars a year. People on average seem to attract similar likeness. Go ahead and make it a contradiction and say that opposites attract and so and blah blah blah and I'm not in the mood for these games right now but putting contradictions aside for a moment.... Last example: Someone who likes driving race cars ON AVERAGE usually hangs out with someone other than someone who's into bird watching.

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