What Are Cannons Of Taxation In Developing Nation?


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Cannons are the fundamental moral principles serving as the foundation for the creation of "just" law in a nation. They are developed over time from the nation's history and experiences with the application of the law by the government within the country.

A developing nation often has no common history to share, forming out of a union of separate tribes, or being re-formed (borders) by a conquering invader, and therefore has no common "cannons" amongst its peoples, other than the controlling moral philosophy present within the majority's religion, which usually then become the "cannons" within that nation.

So Islamic nations have substantially different cannons than Christian nations, than Hindu nations, than Buddhist nations, etc. So there are few common "cannons" identified within developing nations. Until they all figure out religious intolerance, and religiously based law, is not good law, erroneously encouraging the merging of Church and State and the religious and political powers - which always leads to too much power in the hands of too few individuals.

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