What Is The Nature Of Taxation?


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Nature of taxation
1. Inherent power of sovereignty
2. Legislative in nature
3. Public purpose
4. Territorial in operation
5. Exemption of the government
6. Strongest among the inherent power of the state
7. Subject of constitutional and inherent
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Taxation is compulsory on the part of the government. The government receives tax from the national and foreigner who are doing business in their home country in order to make good profit. So the government collects the taxes and put in on the different projects for their people. There are two types of the taxes one is sale tax and other is income tax.
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Taxation is a very important system for the government. The government charges tax on the source of income as personal income, corporate income, property, sales, death and gift  and import-export. The government uses the revenue  for the develop to the nation and other public purpose, which generates from the taxation.

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