Who Are The Baby Boomer Consumer And Their Characteristics?


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Baby boomers are the babies who were born after the Second World War (1939-1945). The babies who were born in 1950's are the baby boomers who would be at the age of approximately 57 years or so at the moment. They are the most significant group of people who have shaped the consumer behavior. These people might have been retired from their jobs have a relaxed old age or might be preparing to retire.

Sometimes baby boomers are also called war babies because they were born after the Second World War. In the mid of twentieth century they were the first to be exposed to flare of consumer culture. Some of their characteristics include that they are well educated and also have quite good disposable income with them. They are actually considered as the maker of our economies because they have faced all the heat of different incidents that were occurred in their time.

They have had all the experiences and now benefiting us from their experiences. Most of them did not have access to modern tools and techniques such as computer or internet. These things have become the necessity of modern era while they have spent most of their lives while working manually. They have made their worth in all the markets of the world due to their behavior towards buying & selling things.
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The word baby boomer means the age segment of the population that was between 1946 and 1964. These baby boomers are large in numbers. Baby boomers contribute 78 million consumers to the adult market and represent 40 percent of the adult market. They are big market for the marketers to cater their needs. Their 50 percent of the ratio constitute of profession and managerial position or atleast get a masters degree. There is constant increase I the sales of vitamins and health supplements that are consumed by the baby boomers. Baby boomers are motivated consumers.

They like to buy for themselves and their behavior is consumption oriented. They want very latest, modern and innovative products as they like to associate them with the latest trends in the market. Many companies are paying attention to the baby boomer consumers because they are the good source of generating revenue for them. Baby boomers have also many subgroups and these subgroups are small and can be catered very easily. The nature of these baby boomers is that they like to associate themselves with the latest brands like Nike, BMW and Rolex watches. There is a famous sub segment under baby boomers that is called yuppies. They are also good consumers.

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