If I Am Asked In An Interview, 'How To Convince A Customer To Buy A Product', Then What Should My Answer Be?


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These type of questions usually asked when you applied for marketing job. This type of job usually required a lot negotiation and convincing skills.

Your first answer should be that first of all you would try to read the customer's mind what type of commodity he is actually looking for. Then next should get some clue about the budget. Keeping these things in mind you can then recommend a client to opt any solution given by you. Your main mission is to sell your product. Lets suppose if a customer came for the commodity, which is not available in your stock, you can offer him the substitute of that product by telling good features like low cost, reliability, warranty etc.

Secondly if you are asked to go by yourself to the customers and sell the product or service, you should first thoroughly study your strategy and the product of the competitor in the market. Because without knowing the strengths and weaknesses of you competitor, you cannot properly advertise or sale your product.
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Fist if you have knowledge abt the product so you can provide all information to your customer n also say all advantage n feature your product ... If you got a rude customer so there is a different way to talk your customer go through a polite way n share there problem as far as you can , a good communication   skill is must to convince a customer so b a savvy your product which r you going to sell , thanks
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Telling them positive things about the product , and convince this is the product what they exactly looking looking for , keeping in mind about the customer budget according to that we show them the good product and features and positive things about that product to convince them
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Sometimes you also need to agree the customers idea or point of view so as for them to feel that you listen to them.. Then after that try to find a way that your product would somehow be the best product they've been looking for.. Like by saying" I agree on you Ma'am thats why I choose this product for you and blah blah..try to speak slowly as for the customer could also understand you and when they try to talk .listen to them because sometimes the idea of selling comes itself to the customer.. Believe me..
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Never tell a single negative thing to the customer remember that a single negative
thing destroy the whole positive point of the product. Because when customer listen about negative point of the product he will think about that.
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In my point of view, to know the you should be the customer, you should think like the customer, you should act like the customer and you must read the customers mind and get his opinions, his wants and needs out from him. The marketeer should be able to handle any situation, and he must try to understand the customer and the current situation he is in. So all things depends on the marketeer and he should have confident in him.

Jason Hendricks,
trainee Business Development Executive,
Great lake Holdings,
Sri Lanka
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You have to persuade them it is something they cannot do without, it is the best on the market for the job and the right price. If it is a luxury item then you could try and convince them they will be the envy of all their friends and neighbours. If it is a tool then perhaps tell them what time it will save them and how much better it is than another product.
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I would say, Let me show you right now...If you would hire me right now and put me on the floor (where ever there is customer) then you got my answer.
(There's no way to use objective in this kind of question. The answer to this question is proof of doing.....".Let me do it" kind of thing...same as I'll marry you right now, will provide for you and our future kids if you doubt my love for you." )
I hope this is clear to you. One thing, there's a possibility that the interviewer would want to hire you only that your convincing ability is not very effective to him or her.....The interviewer see some good points in your resume and job application but doubting if you really can do the job.
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Dear friends,

It happens that while I try to get or convince the customers to see my point of view, it usually ended up with they (customers) are the ones instead who convince me either what I propose is not feasible (or should be modify) or if they were to buy, they don’t need to buy so much units.

Like to have suggestion how I can better convince the customers instead of being driven by them.
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First you must listen to the needs of your customer. After HEARING the needs, sell your product that meets their needs. Show all the ways your product suits their needs and not what they don't need.

If you wanted a dog for a companion and went into a pet shop and the person selling dogs kept saying the dog was a good security dog, that is not meeting the needs of that customer.

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