What Is A Mutual Holding Company? What Are Its Major Advantages?


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A mutual holding company is a hybrid company between a pure stock insurance company and a mutual insurance company. In short, it is a middle way between the two types of companies, deriving attributes from both. Policyholders own the company, which in turn owns a major stake at its stock subsidiary.

The major advantages of a mutual holding company include the offer of funds that also includes the chance of obtaining equity. Secondly it creates acquisition currency that is stock, which can be given to clients. Also the company has an eclectic mode of functioning, its expansion entrenched into various lines of business. From an employee point of view, a mutual holding company also holds some very beguiling offers. In short, the management ownership provides incentives that are attractive enough to not only attract high-quality managers but also retain them in the company, buying their loyalty and utilizing their flair.

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