What Are The Duties Of The Sales Promo Girl?


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Depending on what product is being sold and in what format, the promotional staff is responsible for the promotion of the product. This could be in delivering public speeches, acting as the television personality for the product and perhaps even modeling or demonstrate the product to potential customers.

Of course - the format of the promotion needs to be established before we can recognize the roles of the promotion team. For example, the promotion could be:

  • Television  or radio adverts
  • Telesales
  • Public demonstration
  • Magazine or other advertisement

If it is a television or radio advertisement, then the promotional team will be responsible for strategizing and putting together the advert. This could occasionally include starring in the production if the company is looking to save money.

Telesales and public demonstrations may often see the promotional staff as hosts; describing the product and showing the public how it works. Alternatively - the responsibility may simply require the team to orchestrate a particular sales pitch and try to maximize its potential for success.

• Modeling can be a requirement

Depending on a person's role within the promotional team, they may also be required to be models for the product. This could involve being photographed or video interacting with the product for an advertisement campaign. In the case of radio advertising, they may be required to provide the voice of a member of the cast within the advert also.

  • The main responsibility

The main role of the promotional staff is to deliver effective advertising the help the product receive recognition from the general public.

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