I Forgot My National Insurance Number What Can I Do?


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If you have forgotten your national insurance number have you tried looking for the card you will have received when you turned 16? Alternatively, your national insurance number is usually on you pay slip, p60 or any p45 you may have.

  • what to do if you don't have your NI number written down?
If you don't have any of these and you still need your national insurance number, then if you call the Department for the Work and Pensions they will be able to tell you your national insurance number once they have identified you over the phone. If you need proof of your national insurance number and you don't have any of the documents listed above then the DWP can send you out another card but bear in mind they will only send you one more card so if you are intending on changing your name any time whether by deed poll or marriage then you may not want to get another card until that happens.

  • Uses of National Insurance number
Your national insurance number is mainly used by businesses an companies you work for. The main purpose of your national insurance number is to make sure you are being taxed the right amount. Your national insurance number stays the same throughout your life. Each national insurance number is different and is simply a random mixture of letters and numbers. For more information about national insurance number and who you need to contact if yours is lost click here
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I need to find my national insurance number which is lost
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I have just started work, and have been told that if I can't prove my national insurance number today I will loose this job. Please help!
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iILFORD essex
PHONE 02089243493
I lost my national insurance numbercard. HOW CAN I APPLEY NEW CARD

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