Where Can I Find STP Stickers?


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STP is the abbreviation of Scientifically Treated Petroleum. This brand has been in the market since 1954. STP makes stickers which are very popular. Usually these stickers are given away for free at select retail shops with promotional multi packs of STP. You can easily get these products by keeping a track on STP products and asking for the stickers when you buy STP the next time.

STP stickers are not supposed to be sold. If you know of somebody who is selling them then you should complain about them at the customer service centre of STP. These stickers are for promotional purposes and hence are free gifts. They are all weather stickers and are often seen during race events because STP is connected with several well known racing events.
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Scientifically Treated Petroleum or STP has been a trusted brand since 1954. They are actively involved in NASCAR racing in collaboration with Richard. Everyone wants an STP sticker on their car but they are not very easy to find. If you buy STP products regularly and you are lucky, you may be able to get your hands on a STP sticker. STP stickers come as free gifts with multi-packs of STP products at its retail outlets. But this only happens periodically. So, you need to keep visiting the stores to see if the stickers are in stock and if at all they are giving away any. STP stickers are also on sale on eBay. You can find authentic STP stickers ranging from $9 to $100. You can place your bid and see if you're the lucky one to purchase the sticker. To place your bid, log on to

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