Will You Go To Jail If You Dont Pay Child Support?


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Yes if you do not pay your child support for a period of time they will attempt to take it directly out of your check. If they are unable to do this then this is when they will find you and send you to jail. Usually it will be a jail that you are able to work such as a City Farm Jail. These jails are the jails where you see prisoners out on the roadways cutting grass, trimming trees, planting trees, etc. As you work at the jail you earn money but it will go straight to the Child Enforcement Agency where they will send it to the mother or father of the child that is receiving the child support. You will spend an allotted amount of time on City Farm as set forth by the judge and the district attorney. After you are released you will be required to get a job as soon as possible or risk going back to jail. Also by not paying your child support you will lose your drivers license and be unable to operate a motor vehicle. You will lose your license for a determined amount of time as set forth by the judge and the only way to get it back is to pay the full amount of what you owe on child support.
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At what point does a childs father go to jail? He doesnt work and is seeking disability now but hes NEVER made a child support payment and we are in Florida and his child is 5
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If you don't pay child support yes you can be arrested and go to jail. You should want to support your child.

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