Forster And Garbus Is A Very Unethical Law Firm... Do You Believe That They Will Go Bankrupt Because They Are Being Sued By Andrew Cuomo, Attorney General.?


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If they do, they're well deserving of it... Especially in this economy think of all the people that were not given their fair day in court because of never receiving summons served by Forster and Garbus and then on top of that had money taken out of their account and also went so far as to freeze their accounts. They should be held accountable. At some point, when 26,000 people did not answer their summons, they should have know that something was up. I hope that Governor Cuomo take away their license. They're very unethical.
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They proceeded to freeze my accounts leaving me no way to pay bills, buy food or fuel or pay my mortgage. They had been advised that my account would be paid in full very soon but went ahead anyway with no notice to me. All my pre-arranged payments bounced and my direct deposits had to be converted to checks. Can't cash them since I have a frozen account. I intent to report this to AG Cuomo.

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