What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Atm Machine?


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Advantages :
• Withdrawing money
• Checking recent or past bank statements e.g. Online credit card purchases.
• Checking how much money is remaining in the
• Machine may not recognise your Credit card
• May be no atms near by
• If someone watches or hacks an atm machine your details
    May be taken
• If problem with credit card you can not withdraw your
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Automated Teller Machines:
Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is a data terminal used for money transactions. This powerful and convenient machine is invented by Don Wetzel a worker for the Docutel Company in Dallas, Texas in 1960s. ATMs is similar to a KIOSK computer having a keypad and a screen to provide the user with an easy interface for money transaction. This sort of computers are purpose specific and programmed accordingly. It gives limited access and interaction with the user.

Online Banks provides their customer with an ATM Card for this purpose. The card has all relevant account holder information and saved in a electromagnetic tap. When a customer want to make transaction, he enters his card in the ATM Machine and prompted for the pin code. After providing the correct pin code the machine verifies the it from its central database connected to with a telephone line.

After successful authentication, the customer can withdraw the desire amount (within the prescribed limit) from the ATM machine or can transfer amount to other account. He can also change the pin code. The customer is charged against the transaction being made. The charges may vary from one type of ATM to another but it is usually in a very less amount. The ATM has solved many problems and now customer can have it money transaction 24/7.
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We can take money whenever we like
disadvantage : Almost every where there are thief and mostly  outside bank so they  can steal our money.
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Advantages and Disadvantages Of ATM Machine

Advantages :

  • You don’t have to carry cash around with you.
  • You can withdraw cash at any time, day or night. The banks don’t need to be open.
  • ATMs offer the convenience of multiple locations. You can withdraw cash at any bank that is part of the system to which your ATM card is linked.
  • Your ATM card is protected by a PIN, keeping your money safe.
  • You don’t need to fill out withdrawal and deposit slips as is required at the bank.
  • ATMs are faster than going to the bank—no long lines.
  • You can withdraw cash at ATMs in foreign countries.

Disadvantages :

  • ATM may be off-line (system down).
  • If you forget your PIN number you cannot use the card.
  • Risk of robbery when you leave the ATM.
  • The ATM can break down or run out of cash.
  • Fees charged to use ATMs of other banks can become expensive.

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There might be credit fraud!
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Atm machines have many advantages however the disadvantages are still there. Many people have been unemployed due to ATM. There is no longer the need to have someone there 24/7 ready for costumers trying to withdraw money or insert their money into their saving accounts. Therefore these people will live in poverty and their families will starve. ATM's also increase the change of people getting a hold of the pin number and card and use this private information without the approval of the card owner.
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Advantage, you don't get robbed as fast. Disadvantage, you might have to look for an atm machine.
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Advantage are easy using, save time, quickly, fun......
Disadvantage are can't save money, dangerous during withdrawn money....
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Advantages are that it is quick and easy to use
disadvantages are that they might not recognise your card and that you have to go and find another atm machine that might not be near bii

hope this helps x
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The advantages of atm is to easy to collect money without any face-to-face to interaction.
Disadvantages of atm is to if any problem which is related to your card then you can't withdraw your money at a time....
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Advantage ~ You can get money from the bank any time you want it.
Disadvantage ~ You can get money from the bank any time you want it.

Enough said.

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