Of The Two Which Is Better , BMS Or B COM With Banking And Insurance?


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If I got it right this BMS stands for Bachelor of Management Science. If yes then I suggest you to go for the BMS instead of B.Com with Banking and Insurance. Since in BMS you will be reading multi disciplinary subjects like Principles of Marketing, Management, Human Resource Management, Business Research and Analysis etc... Are to name few. The study of these subjects will increase your horizon of knowledge.

After studying Marketing, Human Resource Management, Research you will be able to know the market trends prevailing in the banking sectors and how Banks are handling their customers along with their employees. Research conduction method will help you a lot to do business research.

After doing BMS then you can opt for MBA banking and Finance or Banking and insurance. As a good manger you must have the knowledge of every filed which will come from BMS and later on MBA in banking & Insurance will increase your knowledge about working of bank and insurance tactics.
So I will suggest you to go for BMS instead of B.com Bank and insurance.

Do discuss it with the people working in banks and insurance companies about your decision because they will give you the actual and up to date knowledge of the market.

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