How Do You Open A Grocery Store And Gas Station In Texas?


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Nisha Fernandes answered
It is actually a very good idea to open a gas station grocery store in the state of Texas. I recommend that you first think through what kind of station you want to set up. Do you intend to set up a station that is a self service one- that is where customers fill their own gas and so on or are you interested in establishing a station that provides full customer services- and charge accordingly as well?

Next you should go about doing some research about location. Remember the first rule when starting any successful business is 'Location, location, location'. Next you should start acquiring all the necessary permits and licenses like for instance Tax permits, Environmental regulations, Weighing device permits, LPG gas license, Air permits by rule etc.

Now once your gas station is on its way to being established you can start thinking about an adjoining grocery store.
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Andrew Fraser answered

You also need to think about all the capital equipment that you require - things like EPOS systems, display chillers, hot food display, soft drink displays etc. Work with a good store fitter to design a nice, modern convenience outlet and you will have great success.

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