How Do You Find Out About Unclaimed Money If You Are On The List?


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Money that belongs to one person may be in a state unclaimed property office, waiting for that person to claim it. Unclaimed property offices currently hold several billion dollars of "lost money" belonging to millions of people. To see if one has any unclaimed money, one can make use of sites like . One can also call or write to Unclaimed Property Offices in all the states that one has lived or a deceased relative of that person has lived.

The unclaimed property office will ask for the person's name, Social Security number, current address, etc. After checking, they will send a form to fill out along with various proofs and evidences. Once submitted, it should take about two months for one to get the check.
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In response to the previous comment, there are more than several billion dollars, there have been estimates as high as 400 billion. Not all unclaimed money sites are equal and many charge you on a per search basis.
Personally, I'm a member at where I receive unlimited searches and free phone support without any extra cost. Russ is a very nice guy and gives me lifetime membership to the unclaimed money site.
No matter where you decide to search, it is my understanding many online databases are not
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There very well may be!  That does not mean it is yours though. So many people have the same name.  No really, I did get funds from unclaimed property once, so check on it. I did it free over the internet. You have questions to answer etc. And at some point if it is yours directly, or indirectly they will send it to you.
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Unclaimed tax refund money

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