The Age Of The Industrial Entrepreneur Is Characterized By What?


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Emphasis on producing more goods faster
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A. Emphasis on producing more goods faster.
B. Advances in technology and an increasing demand for manufactured goods.
C. Benefits derived from deep, ongoing links with customers
d. Mass production by semiskilled workers, aided by machines
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The Industrial age saw a lot of advancement in manufacturing techniques and entrepreneurs and the business community during this age prospered greatly. There was a shift in manufacturing from using man power and labour to the use of machines that were steam powered and consumed coal.

The age was led by Britain as she benefited greatly from the markets in the form of her colonies that were already present for goods manufactured there. There was a decline and discouragement of local industries in domestic markets. Innovation was the thing of the hour and soon new technologies like electric generation and the steam engine appeared.

Locomotives also developed greatly as gods needed to be moved. It is sometimes believed that the reason why Britain excelled in this day and age over her contemporaries is the fact that there existed a unique entrepreneurial class that believed in hard work, progress and technology.
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Advances in technology and an increased demand for manufactured goods.

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