What Are The Tasks Of A Managing Director Of A Travel Agency?


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Rohit Chaudhary answered

He must be a leader.

Should be motivating

He will be respoiblt for company growth so if he do his duity effectively and inspire other executive then automatically the company growth with increase.

The work cant be done by order sometimes executive saw their senior how they behave how they act , so the rest executive act as that.

If the seniority is lassy and irresponsible then others will act as same.

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Anish Chandy answered
The tasks of managing directors all over the world for most industries aren't very different. His job is to achieve goals set by the stakeholders in the organization. He could be one of the key stakeholders.

In a travel agency he will have to supervise the growth strategies. He will be responsible for recruitment of talented individuals in the upper echelons of the organization. He might have to look into the requirements of key customers. He will regularly provide updates to the shareholders about the health of the organization. Finanical compliance is a key issue, many high-level executives have found themselves in a legal quagmire because of lack of compliance with the guidelines. An MD of a travel agency will have to ensure that his firm and himself stay clear of legal trouble.

Most importantly he will have to possess a personality that will make other employess aspire to be him.

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