How Can You Take $10,000 And Turn It Into $20,000 In A Safe And Proper Way?


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Hugo Pinkman answered

Good question here, but I wouldn't seriously consider gambling as a potential source of any profit, otherwise you will lose everything. I really managed to win not bad money at MrBet , but I play just for fun.

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Karl Sagan answered

Well, safe and proper way will take five to ten years. If you want it to happen any faster, you'll have to risk. And it can be anything from forex to internet casino gambling , it is totally up to you at this point.

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Stuti Ahuja answered
There are more then several ways for you to double your money. You can invest in a fixed deposit account which is a rather long process. A mutual fund is another way. A mutual fund is operated by an asset fund manager who is responsible for your investment. As the manager is trained and highly experienced, he will invest your money in the best stocks to get you double or more the returns. If have an understanding of the stock market, that also could be a good way to get returns, sometime more then you can expect.

If you can handle a little risk, many online investment schemes allow you to invest and double your money in minutes. Some people think it's all a façade. Many websites like and are a perfect example. They claim to double your money in less ten 60 minutes. It might be a scam but it does work. At least in most cases it does. After reading a few reviews and responses online, I learnt that people are actually getting a 200% increase.

If you are feeling lucky tonight, head to a casino and try your luck. I would not suggest that unless you have tried it before. Sometime the dumb luck works for slot machines and fortune wheels but you should be careful before picking those cards. All the best!

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