What Are Some Advantages And Disadvantages Of Collegial Model?


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Freedom of discussion and freedom of decision-making define the collegial model, and this freedom to indulge in unfettered discourse about various topics and fields is the key advantage of the collegial model. Supplementary advantages of the collegial model include the lack of authoritarian rule over those who debate issues and seek general consensus. Basically, people in the collegial model setting can achieve consensus without being beholden to one power figure, and this is a fairer, more egalitarian method of reaching decisions about important academic matters that may affect courses of study, the student body, and administration.

  • Disadvantages

Of course, what are advantages in one sense can be serious and problematic disadvantages in another sense. For example, decision-making in the collegial framework may be difficult, as everyone is chiming in with their own suggestions and opinions. Without one authoritarian figure to push things through, the collegial model may resemble a bustling House of Commons, filled with arguing councilors who can't agree on anything.

  • Deadlocks

Even votes in such circumstances are often deadlocks; however, in the collegial model, there will usually be set methods for breaking "ties" in achieving consensus. However, the lack of an autonomous power figure will slow down the entire process of getting things done, since there is no benevolent (or otherwise) dictator pushing through her or her agenda every single day. Therefore, the pace of the collegial model may be markedly slower than the pace of other models.

Learn more about collegial models by reading academic papers and research reports about the model itself, and then consider situations in which the collegial model is active and effective. To gain a fuller understanding, look for real-life examples of negative effects caused by this collegial model. This method of learning will ensure that you grasp the fundamentals of the collegial model.

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