What Is A Feasibility Report And Its Primary Objectives?


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This is formal document for management use, briefly enough and sufficiently non technical to be understandable by high level management. There is no standard or formal format for the preparation of feasibility report. Analyst usually decide on a format that suits particular user and system.

The primary objectives of this report is to inform about the following matters.
1: What the proposed system will achieve.
2: Who will be involved in operating the proposed system in the organization.
3: The benefits that system will give.
4: The organizational changes needs for its successful implementation.
5: The estimated cost of the system.

All these are given in technical and simple language and the beginning of the report as an executive summary. It is followed by the detail feasibility report which contains the following items.

An introduction with in outline of the proposal
A broad data flow diagram of the existing system.
A modified data flow diagram.
All possible alternatives solution.
Merits and demerits of each solution.
Any new equipment to be install or any new resources required for proposed system.
Expected benefits of the proposed system.
Cost of the system.
New procedures to be implemented and environment of the persons in operating new system.
Any anticipation problem in implementation.

When these steps are followed, it makes the recommendation easier to approve.
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In simple words the feasibility study can be defined as the preliminary study that is being conducted to examine whether a certain project is capable of being done in a practical and useful way or in another words in an efficient and effective way, and the outcome of this study helps in the decision whether to proceed with the project or not. If we examine from another angle there is another objective behind the feasibility study and i.e. What possible problems that can occur during the project and based on this analysis some best possible alternative solutions are designed and recommendation on the best alternative solution is also formed. A standard feasibility study may include following feasibility studies.  (1) Economic feasibility study.  (2) Technical feasibility study.  (3) Marketing feasibility study.  (4) Cultural feasibility study.  (5) Legal feasibility study.  (6) Schedule feasibility study.  (7) Organizational feasibility study.  As we can examine that the feasibility study is a very broader so from the above explanation it is understandable that the feasibility study prime objective is to examine whether a project can be undertaken or not.
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The objective environmental assessment is to identify and asses all the likely environmental and social impacts of the project components. Development of a Environmental management plan (EMP)address the requirement's for successfully mitigating the likely adverse impacts and identifies the post project monitoring requirements needed for the successful implementation of the suggested mitigation measures. It is needed to make the project environmentally sound and socially acceptable. The institutional arrangements needed for implementing the mitigation plan. Mitigation measures are being suggested for those project activities, which have been found to have major or moderate environmental impacts .
Environmental and social issues associated with the laying of pipeline and operation phases have been asses ed as minor, shorterm and mitigatable . Positive impacts have also been identified . It is found that the positive impacts outweigh the negative impacts arising during the laying of pipeline and operation of the project.
The main issues arising in the laying phase are generation of noise, traffic diversions - during laying of distribution system, dust release and accumulation of debris near the sides of the rods street.
The assessment of construction phase impacts of th project indicates that all these impacts are only shorterm term and possible to be contained.Practices can further mitigate these.
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You've asked about the feasibility report and its primary objectives. You want to know that what benefits are in it. This term is used in business and accounting very frequently. So you must know about it.
In fact feasibility reports means to analyse some project that the project will be capable of being accomplished or not. And this study of any project is called its feasibility report.
I am expecting that you've understood the main purpose of feasibility report.
Now I should mention its primary objectives. In fact, there are a lot of things which are dependent upon the feasibility report. For example, it would tell that the project would be suitable or not. It will also mention that the expenses which will be incurred on some specific project are adjustable with the cost of project or not. So in this case you can understand its primary objectives. If anyone of them is not fulfilled then the project will not be undertaken. And this is the main purpose of making feasibility report. I hope you have understood it. And now you can also teach someone about it. So do try to enhance your knowledge whenever you get a chance to do so. Thanks.

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