Where Can I Find A Wholesale Source For Authentic Pandora Jewelry Please!?


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With the advent of technology, everything can be found at the click of a mouse. Hence, even the authentic Pandora jewelry is not difficult to find as it is just a click away.

The person looking for it needs to Google for an authentic Pandora jewelry seller and in a matter of a few seconds a list of a variety of wholesaler’s selling this category of jewelry will emerge. However, before buying jewelry from any sort of online shop, it is essential that the individual conducts some research as there is a chance that some sites may be selling Pandora jewelry online which is fake duplicate of the original jewelry. 

However, finding a wholesaler dealing in the sale of original Pandora jewelry is very difficult. In order to ease the search for a Pandora wholesaler, individuals can contact the existing dealer’s either through various websites or either by going to their physical stores.

It is essential that the individual doesn’t buy Pandora jewelry from any unreliable source. Reason being that many individuals are selling jewelry on various sites such as eBay and Amazon that are similar to the Pandora jewelry, with very high profit margins.

All the jewelry they are retailing is imitation and is illegal to sell. As a result of which the seller can be penalized by the authorities of eBay, if any user files a complaint.

Nowadays, a majority of the Pandora jewelry is being imported from China and fails to be 925 silver. This jewelry is illegitimate to import or resell.

Original Pandora beads can be obtained only from accredited Pandora distributors. In order to find details about the authentic Pandora dealers, all across the globe, following site can be referred:

In order to gain more information about the wholesalers selling the authentic Pandora jewelry the following site can also be consulted:

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You can  Find A Wholesale Source For Authentic Pandora Jewelry Please in China)

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Nancyllev asked for AUTHENTIC Pandora beads everyone! Not pandora style beads. None of these answers help.
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quite good source  for s925 pandora beads, they have stock, can delivery quickly
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Google "Pandora jewelry", then you will find plentiful of pandora jewelry sellers.

Personally I have got mine pandora style beads/charms from a professional jewelry supplies wholesaler in China. Her products are offered at factory price, which makes me a big saving.

I hope this helps and that you find something you like.
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