Does anyone here have knowledge of section 8 housing? Are u allowed to take a vacation? Spend a few days with family or maybe time at the beach?


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Section 8 helps you pay your rent. I doubt they say anything if you go see family or take a vacation. Just keep in mind two things.... 1 it's there to help people who can't afford housing so how can one afford a vacation?  And 2, the more you are under the government's thumb the more they have their foot on your neck meaning they have more say so in what you can and can not do in your life. If you really are concerned call the section 8 number and ask if you can take a vacation or visit your family.

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Yes Section 8 housing allows you to take vacations and spend time with your family . All the landlord wants is their money every month.  What you do with your extra money you have left over is your business.

I know someone who lives in Section 8 housing and they get money allowance from Section 8 housing they buy cigarettes & Booze after what they have left over from paying any bills due. Yes it's wrong for them to use their allowance money on stuff that is addiction but that's how the government operates they need to be more stricter on some people.

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