why are parents strict?


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PJ Stein answered

To protect their children from dangers that the children no nothing about or at the very lest little understanding of.

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Yin And Yang answered

Because we have been around the block a few times and we see things you don't. We will always love you no matter what and have only your best interest at heart.

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Tom Jackson answered

There are certain requirements and principles that govern living.

You need to learn them---and that requires living according to them.

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It's their job, just as it's your job to complain about it.

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hey cameron answered

Mine aren't too strict. I think good parents find a balance between overprotective and uninvolved.

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Darik Majoren answered

What some may consider "Strict" others consider to be "structure" and instructions on what we know based on Wisdom gained.

Most times you will find it useful in say . . . Preventing death . . .

Many times you will hear useless information like:

  • Don't touch the hot stove . . .
  • Don't stick that fork into the electrical socket . . .
  • You should look before you cross the street . . .

But we are also know for those random directions such as:

  • You should eat your vegetables . . .
  • Dress warmer and in layers . . .
  • Set aside 50% of your money so if you find something expensive or something you desperately need, you will have saved enough . . .
  • Finish your homework first while the lesson is fresh in your mind, so you do not find yourself stressing out about this later . . .

I should counter with while YOU find this useless . . . We found this information that was passed down from generation to generation to be just as important as family traditions . . .

You get to decide which instruction you will find are adequate enough to merit "Inherit Wisdom" . .  And which ones will have to be "Learned/Earned Wisdom" from exposure . . . Do yourself a favor . . . For the things that sound  . . . Oh, I don't know . .  PAINFUL . . . Use, inherit wisdom we provide.

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Janis Haskell answered

Because we've seen the things that can harm or even destroy our children's lives, and we're not willing to let it happen.  As they grow and learn more, we hand over more and more of that responsibility to them. (But we need to see evidence of that growing wisdom first!)

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