The person with No Insurance driving illegal are they liable, responsible for all car accident and damages to people and cars?


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Yes, they are liable but rarely have the means to pay for damages or injuries.

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Actually ? They are but most all people have uninsured motorist insurance on their own policy to cover those costs. If they don't have any insurance, they sure aren't going to be able to pay for the damages. Your Insurance company will try to collect from them but they have never been too successful . It's your insurance that covers these costs unfortunately. Some states put the person in jail for a time but that does little to no good. Keep your uninsured motorist coverage up to date !

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Jann Nikka
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A couple have no insurance when they hit another driver and now they want thousands for their injuries. The Other driver had no uninsured motorists insurance. Both lost in court.
Rooster Cogburn
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That's usually what happens when they don't have insurance. Nobody wins !
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Everyday here in texas with all the illegals but. Now they sell ins. If u have no license go figure

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If they caused an accident, yes. But the chances are slim to none you will see any money. Heck if they don't have enough insurance you are also screwed. My sister-in-law just spent a year battleing an insurance company because someone hit her that was underinsured.

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