What are the benefits of creating an online store?


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Jann Nikka answered

Lots of money.

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Ask yourself even a single con of getting an online store.

Well online businesses these days are of great importance. These online stores can get you money and international recognition.
Say you got some very unique things and want to promote it. Wouldn't you take an advantage of online store?

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Very low overheads, Office rental, computers,staff etc

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Nealious James answered

Hello Tara! The main thing is that you will not have
to pay rent! Also, note that the online stores can work better if they are well
maintained and offer reliable delivery and return facilities. Younger
generations will definitely be attracted to your store. Simply market it
appropriately and all the best!

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Haniska Roy , Professional IT Consultant, answered

Creating a online store for your business is very much beneficiary because it's always good for your customers to find your products in retail store and online  store as well.
To creating online store there are many platform like wordpress, shopify, joomla, woocommerce, magento, opencart, x-cart and many more that helps to creating ecommerce website or mobile application. Choose best ecommerce platform to build your online store

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