Currently 18 Mom (also my payee) steals my SSI checks and foodstamps No one believes me because she lies and say I'm crazy/hallucinating, etc. When i try to reach out for help?


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you can get with social security and make someone else the payee or just open yourself a bank acct and the money is yours

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Been in there since the 1st**
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sheesh man Idk to be honest I think you might be wrong about your mother based of what you're saying. Why did you go to the mental ward though? And glad to see your back.
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I made a post about being depressed and they took it as a suicide threat, though it wasn't, so the police was called and they kind of intimidated me to admit myself into the psych ward & no, I was wrong about my Mother lying to me about my benefits not being started again and shes really taking the money, they really are still deciding if I should get it or not for some reason. She DID steal my SSI checks 2 or 3 times which adds up to about 2,000 dollars. She also did use to abuse her children but lie she didn't and instead of investigating they assume shes telling the truth and I'm just crazy or lying. I'm tired of going through this over and over again, I guess its understandable that they think I'm lying or hallucinating about my mom abusing us, stealing my checks, etc. since a Mother is caring and protecrive over her children (or should be) but they should really investigate instead of choosing sides, assuming or taking someones word for it.
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Damn thats messed up what is wrong with your mother? Who the heck says that anyway. Sorry about your situation. 

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ugh remember waiting in line for my license at the DMV and I had to go back home because I needed yet another piece of information! I had to wait in the huge line a second time -_-
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Can everyone try answering my new questions?
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I made a comment regarding another thread to you and it was too long to post. I tried pming you but it appears you arent following me so i couldnt.
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A way to start?

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You've been told you would be put on hold for 5 hours, have you actually tried to call?  I can't imagine anyone holding for 5 hours so you should give it a try and find out for yourself.

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