How to develop marketing through social platform like Linkedin?


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Contact LinkedIn Customer Service.

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LinkedIn is not just for Professionals ad job seekers. Sure millions of professionals use LinkedIn everyday but to grow their networks and careers. You can use LinkedIn to grow your business. It is being used by over 135 million business professionals worldwide. What I found interesting  is 43% of marketers found customers through LinkedIn.

Here's one way to find an engage your prospects on LinkedIn:

  1. Join groups where your prospects hang out
  2. Go through these groups and jot down their biggest pain points and issues
  3. Create content to help them solve these issues
  4. Post your content in those LinkedIn groups. This should help drive targeted traffic to your site, where you can capture them as leads.
  5. Then, use LinkedIn's search function to search for specific occupations within those groups. Search for the decision makers you want to get in contact with.
  6. Since you're in the same group, LinkedIn allows you to request a connection without a first degree connection.
  7. Make sure not to leave the default message. Explain that you share common interests and that you might have a business opportunity for them.
  8. Once you're connected, send them a more detailed message.
That's one way to use LinkedIn as a marketing tool.

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Well, there are quite alot opions to develop marketing in other ways. First that I can think of is pr explainer videos like these , they usually make it easier for your company to present itself and make your services clear for you potential customers.

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Good afternoon. If you will use automation, then your work with the Linkedin platform is much easier. All marketing efforts will be automated and you will be able to save a lot of useful time for other things. A few simple steps will allow you to get thousands of customers.

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