How to Promote my site through E-marketing?


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Before it, you should have a business goal or a set of business goals. It may be for example increase lead generation, increase revenue within your targeted budget or perhaps increase CTC. What ever it is, without a business goal you will be undone like other online marketer did. Here i am trying to explain

1) After setting up your goal you have to target your audience who will use your content. There are three types of audience you will find a) Determined to consume your content- you don't need to convert them, b) Partially determined but having confusion generated from insecurity - you have to convert them with your credibility. C) Not willing to consume your content- here you have to do a lot of hard work.

2) Once you have your audience you have to create awesome content according to how your audience demanding. You may use quora, topsy, socialmention, amplicate etc to analyze your audience and thus create content what they will consume. Using these data you will create your content which reflects the demands of audience when they arrive.

3) Do some effective keyword research so that your site could be found through search engine like google, bing and yahoo. A keyword research is very much important to estimate your market and so your user.

4) Do some seo for the keyword you targeted.

5) Build strong online community using facebook, twitter, google+, tumblr, digg etc. Try contribute to those forums which got PR 1 to 10 and related to your niche. This is an area where you will be benefited a huge.

6) Measure your result through google analytics to observe whether your business goals are meeting or not. Update parts of your site which affected with low conversion rate.

Hope this will work for you.

Thanks a lot.     

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