Lets Discuss why customer satisfaction is so important to get success in business?


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This is why everyone is buying import cars. They are not satisfied with their ford chevy chrysler. The service sux and the car is poorly built. So honda and toyota are selling millions of their cars. Customer satisfaction should be number one

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Why would it not be important?  If you don't have satisfied customers .. You won't have any customers for long.

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If you don't have satisfied employees, forget about satisfied customers.  You don't have to spoil them either, but as the functioning of the organization relies heavily on the well-being (mental and physical) of the workforce (whatever, in the office setting or a factory), employee satisfaction is the cornerstone of a successful business.

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Gavin Stewart
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True!! to get success in business, every business owner needs first to satisfied his employees. Because satisfied employees can only handle your customers and satisfied them with services.
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Pretty basic stuff.  If a customer isn't happy with the quality of service, they move on to another company. 

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